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November 30, 2012
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It was official. I, Scarlett Churchill-Madison, was going to ask Jake Pitts out before anything else got in the way.

I teased up my hair and put some makeup on and dressed in a corset, skinny jeans and combat boots.

"What's got you all fancied up?" Lenny asked when I walked out into the kitchen. She was currently dip-dying her bright green hair with blue Jell-O.

"I am going to ask Jake Pitts on a date."

Lenny snorted, dipping some more hair into the pot. "He's got a girlfriend. I think Ashley said they're engaged."

I shook my head. "Nonsense. He loves me. Since when have you been talking to Ashley?"

Lenny looked at me with her deep, black eyes. "Since you completely ignored him at that party Sammi Doll invited us to. After CC and Emilie left he gave up on you and left. I kinda followed him out and we've been talking ever since. He really likes you."

I waved my hand at her, annoyance flooding through. "Please. I don't like Ashley and I never will."

Lenny sighed in relief. "Good, because I do. I like him a lot."

I smirked at her. "Good luck with that."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're friend-zoned and you know it. It's like you said, he likes me."

She scowled. "Thanks a lot, asshole."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Ashley would never go for someone like you."

"You know, if you weren't so damn pretty I'd beat your ass to the ground right now." Lenny growled. "Why I decided to move in here, I don't know."

"Because you didn't want to go pathetically running back to your abusive ex like you always end up doing. I'm surprised you haven't already."

I regretted my words as soon as they left my mouth. Lenny went pale, her fists clenched, and she stormed out of the room, dye dripping from her hair. She slammed her door and I winced. It was usually like this when me and Lenny were alone. If Emilie hadn't moved in, we'd have killed each other by now.

I sighed and grabbed my car keys. She'll be over it soon.


Lenny's POV

I hate her.

Three slashes on my wrist.

Stupid, stuck up bitch!

Another three slashes.

She's so damn pretty though…

More slashes.

It's not like Ashley'll like you back anyways.

Five slashes.

He like Scarlett. It's obvious.

Another three slashes.

You're only friends. It'll never work.

Six slashes.

I sighed and threw the razor back into the bathtub. I wrapped up my bleeding wrist and called Ashley.

"Whasgoin'on…" He mumbled when he picked up.

"You hungover?" I asked bluntly.

"Nope, I was just nappin'."

"Scarlett's a bitch."

"What'd she do now?"

I explained the whole thing and Ashley clicked his tongue. "Lenny…"

I rolled my eyes. "Don't even."

"It's not the right thing to do. It's not gonna solve anything."

I felt my throat tighten up again. "Get off my ass Ash, it's an addiction."

"Let me in."

I knit my eyebrows in confusion. "Huh?"

"I'm standing outside your door. Let me in."

"Ashley! I-I'm not ready for people! I uh.. I just got out of the shower!"

The first part was true. My hair had dried from the dip-dye and it was back in a messy bun with my kitty ears. I was in a over-sized grey tee shirt and green and purple plaid flannel PJ pants. On my feet were the kitty slippers Emilie had gotten me. Plus my wrist was stinging and bleeding.

I could practically hear Ashley roll his eyes. "Lenny, let me  in before I break in."

"Fine, fine."

I let Ashley in and he looked me over. "You just got out of the shower, huh?"

"And you were napping, right?" I shot back.

"Touché, love." Ashley smirked at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Aw, c'mon Kitty…" He pleaded. "At least let me see."

Tears sprang to my eyes as I dragged him back to my bedroom. I sat down on my bed and showed him my wrist. I felt him gently take my arm and hold it for a moment.

"What would make you do something like that?" He asked, sitting next to me.

It was then that I broke down completely. I buried my face in Ashley's chest and sobbed. I told him everything. I told him how my parents had me in high school and rushed into marriage. I told him how I got sick of them fighting all the time and ran away with my then boyfriend at sixteen. I told him how he would get drunk and high off his ass then beat the crap out of me and rape me when I didn't want to have sex with him.  I told him how I turned to the razor when I was depressed and how I tried to kill myself after I broke up with him and he found me dying in the bathtub. I told Ashley how I spent a year in a mental hospital for being suicidal and got beat up by my ex when I got out. I told him how Scarlett and I fought all the time. I blubbered out everything to him, and he sat there and listened, holding me tight.

When I finished, we laid back on my bed and he just laid there, holding me. I was grateful for that. That was all I wanted, was for him to just hold me. It was all I needed.


Emilie's POV

"We should go to Disneyland!" CC said excitedly, swinging our interlocked hands. We were currently walking around Ikea, looking for cool furniture for our room. We were attracting some odd looks, but we didn't care.

I laughed. "Never been, but okay."

CC stopped suddenly and stared at me. "You've never been to Disneyland?"

I shook my head. "My parents didn't believe in kids having a childhood."

He rolled his eyes. "Obviously! What parent doesn't take their kid to Disneyland?"

I shrugged.

"Okay, that's it! Cancel every plan you have for tomorrow. You me, the boys, Scarlett, and Lenny are going to Disneyland." CC announced.

I laughed. "Seriously? Okay!"

We walked around for a while and bobbed our heads to some of CC's music. It was our usual set up. We shared headphones and switched off on picking songs.

"Tell me your weirdest desire." CC said randomly.

"I've always wanted to go to a mattress store and bounce on every mattress they have…" I confessed. "Just blast some amazing music and bounce all day. Once I get tired, I could just lay down and sleep."

CC laughed. "That sounds like fun!"

"What about you?" I asked, watching him scroll through songs.

"Well, I've always wanted to just randomly start dancing with the girl I'm in love with in a public place. I've got the song and everything, I was just waiting for the right partner." He looked straight at me and pressed his thumb to the screen. "And I think I've finally found her."

The Mortician's Daughter started up in my ear and I smiled. CC placed his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We attracted some odd looks just swaying to the beat of a song no one else could hear but us, but it was the most romantic thing I'd ever experienced. It was only us. No one and no thing mattered right now, as long as we were together, I'd be whole.

"I love you Emilie Snyder."

"I love you too Christian Coma."

Yeaaaaaaaah... It needed some drama. Sorry.
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SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Keep going. Update this. I can track you down by your IP address. If this isn't updated soon, I will come to your house, destroy your life, and eat all your food. *cracks up laughing at her own Andy reference*
Dallas-John-Winston1 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist
ROTFLOL! OMFG! I was just scanning through this, but I stopped and read the "I can track you down" thing and I actually got scared for a second! LOLOLOLOL! Needless to say I'm laughing my ass off right now!


I'm almost done with chapter seven. It just needs some editing done. I promise it will either be up by today or tomorrow!
SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha did you ever see that video some girl got of Andy threatening to come to her house and eat her food? That's where that came from XD And WOOT! I CAN'T WAIT!
Dallas-John-Winston1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist
OMFG no, but I want to! LINK ME WOMAN!
SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OKAY! [link] Actually a girl got it for her friend who couldn't make it to the show, but either way.
Dallas-John-Winston1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist
SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha yeah. I can actually do a decent Andy impression, minus the fact I'm a girl and don't have a voice as deep as his.
Dallas-John-Winston1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist
o-o Really? That's like... amazing...
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DiscoFrisco1 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Adhkkg this was soo awesome!!! Romantic at the end too
Dallas-John-Winston1 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist
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